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When we experience unexpected, dramatic, emotional shock for which we have a limited ability to cope, there is a tendency for that shock to become imprinted or stuck into the subconscious.  


Research suggests that these shock/conflicts result in 'movement of energy' within the brain. Over time, if the shock is not released either naturally or through therapy it can manifest as a physical health issue.


Research has identified a relationship between the originating type of shock/conflict and the locations in the brain where the movement occurs.   The connection of the original shock to the brain has been mapped out and the identified locations are known as 'control points'.  


Additional connection has also been identified between the control points in the brain and tissues of the body.  Effectively this forms a link between the mental/emotional body and the physical body where originating shocks can result in physical illness.


Using Energy & Information therapy to identify the stuck 'energetic movements', it allows the blocked information to be released, resulting in improved well-being, relief from pain and discomfort and an increase in energy levels.  





Body Scan
On Body Treatment


Relief from PAIN after

50 years!





Feel Good

range of Drops 

What does your skin say about your health?


Shungite Electrodes for the New Natural Facelift & Rejuvenation Massage

Infoceutical Defence Package 

Here is a suggested kit of Feel Good Infoceuticals that you can take to help boost your immune system.



Polarity, CFI, Source

Source:  Rebuilds energy depletion, Increase energy levels, Overcome chronic illness or mental exhaustion


CFI (Cold, Flu, and Influenza): Retunes cells back to integrity before a virus sets up shop, corrects damage and quick resolutions on 1-3 days

Polarity protects against stress, Geopathic Stress, Toxins and Chronic Illness


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